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Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

How much lead time do you need when making a booking?

Can I book a specific time?We recommend at least 48 hours when making a booking in order to allow for more time flexibility. The booking will ask you for a preferred and an alternative date but will not allow you to book a specific time. Once we have determined when your booking can be covered by one of our photographers, we will let you know same day of the specific time.

How is the rate determined?

The rate is determined by the usable square footage of the property that is photographed and measured by our camera. For example, if the above grade square footage photographed and measured is 2,250 square feet and the basement is 750 square feet, the rate will be based on a usable square footage of 3,000.

When do I pay for my iGuide job?

You pay via credit card when you make your booking. Any incremental charges (i.e. travel fees, exterior photo re-shoots, property is larger than initially paid for) will be charged to the same credit card after the job has been delivered.

How and when do I get an invoice?

An invoice will be emailed to you upon completion of your booking.

When will I receive my finished iGuide job?

Your iGuide Report will be delivered to you via email within 48 hours. If the job is done on a Saturday, it will be delivered to you on Monday. If you are a first-time user, your branding requirements will need to be submitted for us to guarantee next business day delivery. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific time for delivery.

What is the difference between the Web Only, Deluxe and Premium options?

All three iGuide options include 360º views of all rooms, interactive floor plans, printable PDF floor plans, gross interior floor areas, on-screen measuring tool, feature sheet creator, snapd iGuide search map, social media auto-posting, non-branded links and custom agent branding. The Deluxe and Premium options also include high-resolution HDR photos, which the Web Only option does not. The Premium option comes with detailed PDF floor plans, while the Web Only and Deluxe options do not.

Do you stage the property?

No, we do not provide staging services. The property must be ready to be photographed when the photographer arrives as he/she will not be responsible for any staging needs.

How many still photos do you take?

On average, we take 30-40 photos of the property, including both interior and exterior. For smaller properties, such as condos, the total number of photos might be closer to 20.

You have a feature sheet creator. Do you also print feature sheets?

No, using the photos we have taken and the floor plans we have drafted combined with your branding information, we give you the ability to create a feature sheet that can be saved as a PDF file and sent to a printer for processing.

Can I include the links provided in the iGuide Report on my own website?

Yes, the iGuide Report will include an embedding tool that allows you to insert the links into your own website code.

Are the links you provide MLS compliant? If so, do you upload to MLS?

Yes, in addition to branded links we also provide you with unbranded links that are ready to be uploaded to MLS and other professional home listing portals. However, we do not upload to MLS or any other professional home listing portal.

What is your cancellation policy?

A cancellation charge of $100 plus taxes will be applied if the booking is cancelled after the end of business on the day prior to the booking date (for example, if the booking date is Friday, September 4th and the booking is cancelled after 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 3rd, the cancellation charge will be applied). Please note that we do not take responsibility for the weather – you have the option of rescheduling the appointment outside the cancellation window at no charge or booking a second appointment for the capture of exterior images at a cost of $50 plus taxes.